Make your debts collection process more efficient with us!
Full debt collection cycle
We automate all the collection process stages, including legal collection, bankruptcy processing, debt selling and writing off with multiple language interface.
Multifunctional contact center (ИЗМЕНИТЬ)
Contact center module:
- convenient tools: calculators and call scripts
- product selection and payment calculation
- claims processing
- preliminary product applications processing
- task planner
Remote work solution (ИЗМЕНИТЬ)
IOS and Android tablets module:
- full bank field services automation
- debts collection information accumilation and storage
- debts management process control
- transfer of employees to remote work

We know how to improve your processes
Our partners achieve high business performance
Cost savings
1 year
Recovery rate increase
1 year
Less debt collection related expenses
1 year
Increase work efficiency with Debt Management System
We offer a complex debts collection system for improving debts collecion processes.
Work on any device
Debt Management System has adaptive interface. You can kepp an eye on all the collection processes no matter where you are.
Increase collection coverage and efficiency
Debt Management System optmizes work with debtors and reduces debt share by building unique debt management processes.
Keep all the client data in a unified profile
All the information on client's personal information, contact data, loans, pledges, pledgers, coborrowers, court cases, enforcement documents and all the rest is in a single profile.
Use low-code/no-code technologies
Debt Management System is designer in Case Platform low-code environment that allows your company to make changes to the system really fast.
Design strategies
Your team can work on creating new strategic solutions in a special Case Strategy module for building optimal processes.

Configure any integrations
Debt Management System can integrate with any third-party systems via their API or by connecting extra Python or JavaScript libraries or using other integration capabilities.
Use additional tools
ML (AI) algorithms instead of regulra strategies or regressions for debt collection strateries management
Incoming paper documents and court documents parsing automation
Scoring calculation with Python scripts for building scoring models
Individual employee work schedule configuration and tasks assignment according to this schedule
Work regions assingment to employees on the map
Configuring planned events calendar
Antifraud verification
Acquiring debtor statistics from mobile operators
Automated courts, branches and court officers lists upload
Acquiring information on court procedures for clients
Acquiring information on enforcement procedures on clients
Documents scanning automation
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